Why hire me?

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  1. Motivation
    • I do this work to glorify the Lord Jesus, the Creator of our beautiful world.
    • He made it, we are to tend to it, and serve Him and others while doing it.
  2. Experience
    • Bringing 17 years of experience to anything is advantageous.
    • 10+ years of experience with Microsoft Server administration.
    • 10+ years of Windows, Mac and Linux desktop administration.
    • 5+ years of Microsoft Office 365 deployment and administration.
    • 5+ years of Content Management System administration.
    • 4+ years of Hyper-V and VMWare deployment and administration.
    • 4+ years of SQL server administration.
    • 3+ years of star network topology¬†administration.
    • 3+ years of Linux Server administration.
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  3. Testimonials
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