Website for PVPP

Pioneer Valley Pastors’ Prayer is a local ministry that needed a website to post updates about events that they or others in the valley are hosting, publish posts and articles regarding affirmations of faith and life and a hub to allow new members to discover more about who they are.

The vision is clear for PVPP, have church leaders from all around the Pioneer Valley meet and pray for the Gospel of Jesus change the hearts and minds of the people of Western Massachusetts. You can read more about it at

PVPP Events Page

The project consisted of getting a WordPress site hosted with LogicWeb and implementing some roles and permissions for members to edit the site and post. I picked  a theme that was responsive and setup navigation filters based on tags and categories.

Post in the comments below if you would like to know more about the project or would like to get one started yourself.


Weebly Website Update

Working with Marlene of Walks and Wags Dog Training, I was able to update the content of her site quite quickly using a Web Builder called Weebly.

Her site was already built and just needed some adjustments for navigation and forms for clients to contact her with. Along with those UI updates, I was able to update some of the SEO elements on the site like metadata, headings, titles and more. Visit for more on Marlene’s business and the services she provides.

New vCenter Cluster

Project Details

This project consisted of moving a production vCenter cluster off of legacy R905 AMD servers to new Intel Xeon E5 VRTX cluster.

The legacy cluster is not compatible with the newer direct attached storage unit. So the need for more storage led us to also upgrade our compute units and downsize the physical space as well.

We have two M620 blades with a direct attached 25 disk shared storage unit all built into one chassis. I will be setting up each host with VMware ESX 5.5 U2 and attaching the hosts to our existing vCenter server then one by one migrating each VM to the new cluster and storage.

One minor issue is the incompatibility of the PERC RAID drive in ESX 5.5. I had to downgrade that driver to megaraid_sas-06.801.52.00-1096283 instead of the newest release, megaraid_sas-06.803.52.00-1742752, because ESX 5.5 will not recognize the shared storage.

Leave any comments or questions below.

Email Migration | Wassmann Audio Video Inc.

The Project

Wassmann Audio Video Inc. is out of Whately, MA. They were using an IMAP/POP email provider and were looking to get a more robust email system that would allow their contacts and calendars to sync across multiple devices.

The Solution

I recommended Office 365 as it meets all their business requirements and is affordable. Especially when you compare similar pricing for an on premise server setup or even comparable offerings from GSuite and other IMAP providers.

The Details

The migration was done in a day, and the biggest challenge during this migration was the fact that all the emails were not on the server but on the desktop computers and they were using Thunderbird as an email client. Converting that MBOX file to a PST file so we can upload the email was a unique challenge, but I was able to find an OpenSource solution that would do that exact job.

Once the conversion was complete for each users’ MBOX file, it was simply an upload of each user’s data using Microsoft Outlook’s import feature. The night before we had switched over all the DNS records so new email was already delivering to their new mailboxes.

Have you ever run into issues converting MBOX data files? Or do you know anyone still using Thunderbird? Tell me about it below!

Website for Rippa Chiropractic

The project consisted of an inexpensive business website that highlighted the many reviews and interactions from both Yelp and Facebook. Using Dudamobile as the web builder, this allowed for quick design and publishing of the site.

The site is responsive and has unique elements applied to it depending on the location and the device of the visitor. For mobile users, they get a ‘Call Now’ button while tablet and desktop visitors get a promotional message regarding the new massage therapy service.

Simple and responsive design with some stock photos and some content provided by the practice. The project took only a few days and is currently being managed by the practice as Dudamobile provides a great interface for users to manage their content.