WordPress.com Teams Up with Rebrand Cities to Bring Local Businesses Online

Bringing small businesses online helps our local economy stay vibrant and active. WordPress is one of the many tools we can all use to do just that. Are you using WordPress? If not, what are you using to get your business online?

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Cities are collections of neighborhoods — and neighborhoods are powered by small business. From coffee shop owners to fitness instructors, therapists to thrift stores, it’s the people we see in the storefronts next door who build and reinforce the unique character of our cities.

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Setup Email Encryption in Office 365

Here is a summary of what we are going to do. (assuming you use Office 365 already). Purchase Azure Information Protection and assign the license to any user, Connect to Exchange Online via PowerShell, Run a few commands in PowerShell, Create a Rule inside of Office 365 to encrypt messages.