Let me introduce myself. My name is Roberto Torresdigitaltorres, that’s spelled Robert with an ‘O’ at the end. Simple. You wouldn’t believe how many times I am asked how to spell my name.

I am a Christian, a husband to Jess and a father to five. I worship and serve as an elder-in-training at Christ Community Church in Belchertown, Massachusetts.

I began this site as a place to provide support and direction to ministries and small businesses with their technology needs like email, file storage and more.

How Do I Get In Touch With You?

All that info is here. I’d love to hear from you, because of the constraints on my time, please be patient.

Why you should hire me.

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  1. Motivation
    • I do this work to glorify the Lord Jesus, the Creator of our beautiful world.
    • He made it, we are to tend to it, and serve Him and others while doing it.
  2. Experience
    • Bringing 17 years of experience to anything is advantageous.
    • 10+ years of experience with Microsoft Server administration.
    • 10+ years of Windows, Mac and Linux desktop administration.
    • 5+ years of Microsoft Office 365 deployment and administration.
    • 5+ years of WordPress, SharePoint and other CMS development.
    • 4+ years of Hyper-V and VMWare deployment and administration.
    • 4+ years of SQL server administration.
    • 3+ years of star network topology configuration and deployment.
    • 3+ years of Linux Server administration.
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  3. Testimonials
    • Search this for testimonials from several of my clients.
    • Contact me anytime for more references from clients and employers.
    • Visit my LinkedIn page for more recommendations.

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